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Ongoing Projects


Extended Range Guitars Are Fucking Expensive

These bastards are the first djent band of Turkey. When DJ Genosix first created the band and invited me to play, I made him promise that he'll write the most non-metal shit so that I can finally feel like a decent musician. INSTEAD, this turned out to be one of the heaviest bands with the lowest tunings I've ever played with. Got 1 special jury prize out of it, and still sleep cuddled with it.



Broke AF

Kemikkıran was formed from the ashes of Undertakers and was able to create the same amount of havoc -if not more- with only 3 members. Started as 3 person getting together to play a bit of St. Anger together. Ended up ripping off the exact sound of the album and adding on it. It's a band of poor assholes, so we only get together when we get paid decently, which is only once a year



The URL Wars

Found out that a single word can describe most of my life if not the whole of it. Decided to publish my mushy feely songs using this name, but the URL and domain name battle is real.

Past Projects

The projects that I haven't officially quit, but have no time to deal with the bullshits of.


The band, every guitar holding person played in
Been around for 11 years, one of the most brutal hardcore bands of Turkey. Played with these assholes for about 6 years, recorded 2 EPs, played countless gigs and toured annually. Got me to meet and work with the most talented musicians around. Earned nothing but stds, done nothing but damage but was a lot of fun.


Seal of Solomon

A bunch of middle eastern assholes
Right at the peek of one of my depressive episodes, these bastards allowed me to write drums (THE DREAM) and play every single fucking thing in the album (THE MASTURBATION), which made me feel somewhat important, not realising they've been capitalising on my unparalleled, unrivaled talent and the tunes that I've stolen from The Satan himself. Published a LP from Wormholedeath Records called I The King which made 2 euros from sales and 3 long term relationships from showing off.

If you got this far reading;

As a self-shaming asshole, I most of the time forget what I had done over the past years. So I use stuff like instagram etc. for milestones to remind me what I accomplished at the risk of looking like more of an asshole, showing off.

By the age of 6 I met Iron Maiden, which was the starting point of all this shit.
When my dad's "Saz" just wasn't enough to play Iron Maiden on, my mom bought me my first guitar at the age of 8 and I played my first gig when I was 10.

After actively showing up in Istanbul metal scenes with bands like Jackhammer, Legacy Of Hate; I joined Dark Utopia for a small period of time which ended up merging with the Turkish Metalcore band Undertakers in 2009.
First thing I’d done was to drop out of Beykent University Electronics and Communication Engineering by spewing shit that no man should hear.

October 2012, I recorded Reborn EP with Undertakers which includes featurings by essential artists in Turkish Metal scenes like Tanju CAN (UÇK Grind, Asafated), Erdem ÇAPAR (Antisilence, NITRO)
First single that was published from the album was “Freedom” and it found large audience with the band’s Power Garage TV Performance, ranked #4th in Emergenza charts.
October 2013, I played in the largest Turkish music competition 18th “Roxy Müzik Günleri” with Undertakers and we ranked #5th nationwide.
I joined the band Seal of Solomon in November 2013 as Lead Guitarist / Backing Vocals and Composer.
Established DullGoat Recording House and composed-recorded and co-produced the debut Seal of Solomon album I The King.
I The King was released worldwide through Warner/Chappell Production Music associate Italian label WormHoleDeath records via The Orchard in online stores like Virgin Megastore, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, Deezer, LastFM, Nokia Ovi Store and +120 other.
After the album release, Seal of Solomon ranked #1st in the Reverbnation Turkish Metal Charts, and #171st in Worldwide Metal Charts.
In the first two weeks of the release, the album got more than 200 encouraging reviews. First single I The King v2, were broadcasted by BlankTV and reached 2500 followers in the first week, then zero followers for the rest of eternity.

In december 2015 I met DJ Genosix who formed the first Djent band of Turkey and joined him on his project called TEC.
TEC played it's first gig at the “Roxy Müzik Günleri" and got awarded the Special Jury Prize.
I; being the most "in need of approval" dick, accepted the prize on the band's behalf at the ceremony with the most meaningless speech ever, just out of sheer fucking shock that our work was being noticed.

In 2016 I started studying Turkish Classical Music on fretless guitar. Which was finally giving me the sense of accomplishment and peace of mind I needed. Soon after I realized that this shit was going nowhere and quit all my bands, took my fretless and tambur with me to take a long-ass vacation and I ended up traveling The US.

In 2017 I got back, got a job, started to work on my Master's Degree and started to learn Korean and shit.

I'm currently getting my Master's Degree on Business Administrations and studying Astronomy and Space Sciences in Istanbul University and Advertising and Public Relations in Anadolu University and I've got a Bachelor’s Degree from Business Administration in Anadolu University and an Associate Degree on Brand Communications






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